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Friday, May 30, 2014

Xmas Wish

my Christmas wish, is to become a witch
so that all my family and friends will no longer weep
because i have put tears to sleep
everyone will have fairies
to fill their days with lots of candies
my magic spells will spare all a lifetime full of GOODIES & YIPPIES !!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I once tried playing football
I promised I kick really hard …
It is very strange, the ball doesn’t roll
All I could see is a flying shoe into the goal !!


Friday, May 23, 2014

it's such a bliss

a state of bliss is when i am asleep
when i dream of lots of sheep
sheeps in white and sheeps in many colors

thought if i could start to count
that’s when i realize my mind stop
pass-ing by the threshold of pondering

chewing over what i have been thinking
obviously my mind have been running
doubtful of what i had been doing

for once i stop asking !!
started moving, keep walking...
looking for the countless colors of sheeps i've been dreaming

finally i found my dreams ......
that is to enjoy eating my ice cream !

oh, wait ... am i still in my dream ... ??!!

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a sore heart, to be comfort

Distance of silence
Voices of the heart
Barely hear no more
Enclosed with guilt

Reaching out trying to listen
Fences from the past hold up
Space of barrier swollen
Tender heart became sore

Entreat for an idle moment
Yearn to be unruffled
Appreciate and respect
Bring peace to present

Forgive and forget
Pour out all unwanted sorrow
Return to the sunny delightful heart
Invite bountiful moments of joy 

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a triangle tree

Met with a triangle tree
Thought she was yet another beauty 

Walking down the alley
A lovely morning with cheery

Thinking of my favorite purple berry
Juicing out my well treated belly

Dozing off by the cool breeze
Aaaa, a delightful stroll it's been !
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sundial dreams of my blue island

white sandy beach
surrounded with peach trees

sound of waves
makes me feel so brave ...!

melody rising
lighten up the darkness in my heart

with my deepest breath
I let it all go in the trash ...!

white clouds in the skies
countless blessings came in surprise

wind blow into every maze
i embraced with amazed

the dream of my blue island appears
brings me rays of colorful cheers ...... (:

(inspiration source: Sundial Dreams, by Kevin Kern)

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i giv U all my smileysss

unwind with tasteful berries
sharing with you some very amazing stories
doesn't matter all your worries
cos I give you all my smileysss (:

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wonderland. for the best people around !

someday, some place
the pig counts [123...]
worms turn red violet when they crawl
Jack Russell in sandy brown with baby blue spots
lines of mugs in store painted in lavender blush 
bushes of colorful mushrooms
wonderland in sunset for all the best people around !!

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just there

is just there
over the land of somewhere
walk a little more to see more
you will be adore
hope is nothing less
you will surely be bless 
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at 4 point 5

my leg is aching
and i am panting
the sun is hiding
the road is winding
and we are still climbing

at 4 point 5
like a journey in our life
our spirit still stay high
every step we take
seems more like a trial

my stomach starts to growl
the wind begins to howl
my knee starts to swell
our body starts to smell

the journey seems to be getting steeper
but i am no quitter
although we may take a little longer
our destination is definitely nearer
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on a yellow brick road to 8.2

we are on a yellow brick road
i am beginning to see our hope
all the steps that we took
they are not for moot

people who have pass us by
we smile and waive goodbye
knowing that the road is nigh
we will rendezvous at half past five!
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it's real

i put my hands together
i close my eyes to feel
i adore life with honor
all that happen is real ...

i read stories and shed tears
music makes my heart heals
i sleep while angels appears
all that happen is real ...

big bears give hugs
protect the hurt from fear
help the weak to fight against bugs
all that happen is real ...

follow the spirit in you
and sing the song you feel
you are the many in a few
that happens to be real... !!

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pebbles, cheese balls & cranberries makes wonders!

lots of pebbles in the stars
flying cheese balls you get in mars ......
icy juicy cranberries melted over your head
to make absolute wonders for your days ahead ......!
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a pleasant breakthrough

snowflakes powder over my door step
ray of sunshine glimpse through my eye sight
enjoying the moment of my foot step
pleasant surprises are such a delight :D

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