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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Panda Summer Story

Your eyes sparkle
Your charming soul
You taught me funny words
You make me smile, for no explanation

You say you love me
For a simple reason
For purity of the heart
This is the best that happen, in this summer season

You needed space and time
I wish we could walk this path together
Just do you know differences doesn't matter
Only if we believed love could build us a bridge

I will continue to walk in the park
To laugh for no reason
To cherish simple moments like you taught me
And believe your love still awaits me

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Time Alone

Yesterday, early snowfall
With a little help from my friend
I painted everything
with colors

Pastel blue
Yellow dot of sunshine
Baby elephant in pink
The purity of white

Playing the piano
Penguin jumping with joy
Seeing through her lover eyes
Telling her you are my life

Baby I love you
I know you may not be mine
But I wish baby will find
Someone that really makes you smile again

Freedom of spirit that never dies

Sweet melodies hover through
In my room through the skylight
I saw bright angels of view

Today and tomorrow
You never let me astray
You promised everyday to be a miracle play

You have given me music that inspires
Turning them into moments of reflection
Created simple joy of perfection

I see a glimpse of your smile
I know one day you will
Believed that all is well

As the wind blows
Finally I spread my wings and fly
Into the freedom of spirit that never dies

Saturday, May 18, 2013

3,484 miles away ...

Three thousand eight hundred and forty three miles
Is the distance between us
Every day and night
I hope to make you smile
I longed for your hug and kisses
I longed for your care and tenderness
But not to worry ! Because when I am not round
I have asked Family Guy and Homer Simpson
To fill your days with lots of happiness!!

I will always savor you ... !

You are …
My booster for the work days
My sweetheart for a delicate evening
Sometimes my companion for the night

You had been…
The bitter sweet of my life
You are strong and wild
At the same time smooth and gentle

You will continue to be …
The savior for a tiring day
The rescuer during my spare time
Or perhaps... the knight for a romantic date !

I will always savor you... my dearest cup of Coffee!

Ahh, life is Gorgeous!

Days filled me with everlasting surprises
Because my family and friends are charming geniuses
They complete my weekends with laughter and cheers
Ahh, life is just so gorgeous! 

Try to Remember ...

Memories faded away
I try to remember

Feelings in grey
For all that is over

Melodies continue to play
I try to remember

In silence I remain
My song for you will be forever

The Song of Silence In You

Silence... the spaces in between
Filling in my heart
Like a beautiful melody
That heals my soul
In my dreams
I have think of you
You... have been the greatest love of all
For better or worse
We... will embrace the world

Inspiration I from: Robin Speilberg - I dream of you
Inspiration II from: Carl Doy - The Greatest Love of All

Dedication to Cynthia

As beautiful as the stars wink
A beautiful smile that touches your heart
Sincere and genuine and trusting
She is an inspiring piece of art

A heavenly angel that brings you love
A trusted friend that shares with you kindness
A loving soul that brings you comfort
She is always lovable and adorable

I wish you everlasting happiness in life
Rays of sunshine that gives you forever joy
I will miss you for sure
With love I will cherish our friendship forever

Dedicated to Dehyana Lim My Dearest Mentor

Lost of spirit
Lost of words
My heart can no longer feel
My soul is crying out for help

Ray of purple sunlight
From far I can see
Surrounding with crystal white lights
Reaching out towards me

A beautiful teacher has come, to shed her lights
Like thousand of angels, that brings love to my sight
Guiding me, to see the light of my heart
Telling me, that God in me has never been apart

Breath ... into the air of life
For each moment ... offers a new beginning of choice
Ruin... is the road of transformation to life
That brings to your highest self, true wisdom of joy ...


Stars in silver, sunshine in pink
Skies are shimmering, in every glimpse
My thoughts reflect, with a smile it winks
I have discovered abundance, within simplicity

Life's Little Hiccup

Sunflower rising
In a misery land
For a heart that went missing
For a heart that wishes to be cure

The essence of love
Rises in the air
Of all things that goes above
The heart that yearns for tender care

Family and Friends
Came loving and sharing
There is nothing to pretend
A fragile heart is going to be mend

The struggle has come to an end
With much courage I stand
Gratitude to all my love ones
Together we rejoice in this miracle land

Hope is True

Across the skies, angels fly
River flows, the sun glows
We have walk through, days of blues
We grew and flew
We always never fail to believe
That hope is true  ...

Elephant Witch

She is mischievous , She is rich
She became an elephant witch
She spares her health and wealth
She sometimes dissapear in flames
She brings love to every place
She appears in everyone fairytale ... and she is Tweedie!